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Continuous product innovation is essential to our way of doing business.  We understand that innovation is important for our business partners to distinct themselves and to enable sustainable business growth.

In harmony with our business partners we develop product innovations for the categories biscuits & sweets, bread replacements and toast. Therefore we make use of our passionate and skilled R&D associates throughout Europe. They are part of dedicated multi-disciplinary new product development teams, in which the following disciplines are also represented: marketing, sales, finance, operations, quality and purchasing. In order to speed up time-to-market and to enable an efficient product development process we follow best-practice principles of the Stage-Gate®process.


Sustainable product innovations

When developing new products, from the start, account is taken of the use of sustainably-acquired raw materials, packaging materials and a sensible production method. Account is also taken of the composition of the product in relation to health. The starting point here is the minimizing of ingredients that may have a negative effect on health and the possible enriching of products with ingredients promoting health.

Continental Bakeries Delight®

This is our sustainable flagship that covers sustainable and affordable feel-good moments in various segments of bread replacements, toast and biscuits. This covers products with a better profile than the standard in the category. For example, a better environmental footprint, an organic variant or a better nutritional value such as more fibre or less sugar.

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Category Management

Besides fulfilling customers’ needs for new products, we also intent to act as an informed business partner who presents new product ideas pro-actively. Hence, we make use of our profound category insights like market data, consumer insights, sustainability topics, required nutritional values, product innovation insights around the globe and retail channel insights. We also closely work together with our suppliers and other value chain partners to be able to provide tailor made solutions for our clients. Do you want to know more? Feel free to contact us to discuss mutual business opportunities

New innovations

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