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Operational Sustainability

Operational sustainability

Raw materials, energy and packaging materials are used to manufacture and transport our products. By using these as efficiently and as sustainably as possible, we minimize the effects on the environment. We have developed sustainable production methods for this and we apply the World Class Manufacturing programme at all our production locations whereby everyone is actively involved in reducing waste, energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

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Use of raw materials

Product and packaging waste not only involves the loss of raw materials, energy and capital but also have an effect on the environment and therefore need to be minimized. Continental Bakeries applies World Class Manufacturing technologies such as Lean, Six Sigma and TPM in order to continuously improve its processes and so prevent the wasting of raw materials. We do this via a cycle of measuring, analysing, improving and guaranteeing. These technologies for example, enabled us to considerably reduce the use of raw materials despite a higher production volume.



Continental Bakeries carries out far-reaching measures to reduce energy consumption. These range from machine settings to the use of heating and certain lighting. A good example is replacing the refrigerant with an environmentally-friendly variant. This not only has less effect on the environment, it also leads to a 30% energy saving! All measures taken up to now have led to less gas and electricity consumption despite increased production. Next to that the use of green energy is stimulated. Our Swedish location for example runs entirely on wind energy!

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CO2 emissions

Our measures on energy and raw materials consumption lead to considerably lower CO2 emissions. Transport is also an ideal area in which CO2 emissions can be reduced. There is a great deal to be gained by adjusting the size and form of packaging, cartons, pallets and the method of transport. This enabled us to considerably reduce CO2 emissions in transporting our products. In Sweden, for example, the format of consumer packaging was adjusted in such a way that this led to a better method of loading with the result that transports were reduced by almost a quarter per year. Alternative, cleaner transport methods were also used such as the train over longer distances in Europe. We also invest in sustainable solutions in our own outlets. An example of this is the installation of energy-saving lighting.


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