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Gille is proud of the Swedish ”fika” tradition (a short break) and has a fantastic assortment of traditional Swedish cookies with great taste and quality. Pure and natural tastes are the hallmark of the classical Gille biscuits. As a natural effect, Gille is very popular on the Swedish home market. Our market share in Sweden is around 40 percent! Our Gille products are very popular in other countries as well!

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Swedish Oat

Pure & Natural

We prefer to use Swedish high-quality ingredients as much as possible. Our bakers take great care in sourcing them from Skåne, the most southern region in Sweden.

The oats for our products come from the plains of Västra Götaland where it is said that the best oat is grown. We strongly feel that our cookies and biscuits should be available to as many people as possible which is why we bake all our cookies without using additives, milk or trans fats. We also avoid the use of hazelnuts and peanuts.


Local Production Sweden

Gille cookies are carefully baked and packed at our two bakeries in Åsljunga and Örkelljunga in southern Sweden. Our 220 colleagues bake more than 1.5 billion cookies and biscuits every year!

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