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Bussink Deventer honey cake


Bussink Deventer Cake, a piece of Dutch history!

Bussink has been the brand for the only real Deventer cake since 1593.

Deventer and cake are inextricably linked. The world-famous spiced honey cake has been produced in this famous Hanseatic town for over 400 years. Jb. Bussink is the only cake maker that still makes real Deventer cake according to a centuries old and still secret recipe. Would you like more information on the Bussink brand, the Deventer honey cake shop or its history? Then go to the website:

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Deventer honey cake shop

Lovers of Deventer cake come from near and far to the cosy Deventer honey cake shop at 84 Brink to indulge in their favourite delicacy. This Dickensian shop going back to 1850 is full of delicacies from days of old, makes your mouth water and is visited for good reason by tourists coming to Deventer.


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