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Brinky has been known and trusted within Dutch households for almost 30 years. The best known product is the Brinky Chocolate sandwich biscuit. In September 2013, Continental Bakeries, as well as introducing three new products, gave Brinky a completely new look. The male figure “Brinky” is adventurous, sturdy and energetic, experiences everything and looks for the most delicious biscuits. The male figure makes Brinky biscuits recognizable for parents and children in an appealing manner.

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Brinky ensures an affordable alternative.  The wide range also brings variation to the shelf of children’s biscuits. The many tastes, formats and packaging norms fit in well with various consumption moments. Delightful biscuits and waffles for each suitable feasting moment of the day. Handy, individually packaged singles for on the road, nice parties or just for sharing with friends. Enough choice for any Brinky fan!


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