Haust Dordrecht originated from the merge of two branches: Hooimeijer Barendrecht and Haust Amsterdam, in 2002/2003.

Hooimeijer Barendrecht

In 1905 Arie Hooimeijer started a bread, rusk and cookies bakery in south Rotterdam. The company specialised in crisp bakes and cookies. In 1933, A. Hooimeijer & Sons moved to Barendrecht. The company expanded by purchases of Hille Zaandam and Daughter, Haust Amsterdam (1959), Stereo Rotterdam (1966) and some smaller companies. In 1973, the family businnes joined with the English multinational J. Lyons & Co., after which more purchases took place and the company realised strong growth. On December 13th 2002, the final production of crisp bakes took place in Barendrecht, after which the production moved to the current location in Dordrecht.

Haust Amsterdam

Haust in Amsterdam has been in existence since 1825. In that year, Johan Haust purchased ‘De Volharding', a bread bakery in Nieuwer-Amstel. In 1870 the company started the production of crisp bakes. In the 1920's the assortment was expanded to include pastry and honey cake and in the 1930's with toast. In 1958 Haust became part of G. Hille & Son, which had a similar assortment. In 1959, Hille was taken over by Hooimeijer and a few years later the production of Hille was moved to Hooimeijer. Haust started focusing entirely on the production of toast. Late January 2003 production activities in Amsterdam were ended and the production facilities moved to Dordrecht.


In addition to different varieties of crisp bakes and breadcrumbs, various snack bottoms and toast are produced, such as square mini toast, crispy toast, party extra and snack cups. Different kinds of savoury snacks are produced here as well.